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The Face Sculpt Stone

The Face Sculpt Stone

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Guasha's have been around for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as a way of scraping complaints and diseases out of the body.

Made out of bian, this stone is perfect for facial massaging and helps to promote lymphatic drainage, skin tightening, and blood circulation.

Our design has multiple edges to sculpt your face while tightening your skin.

How to use:
First, apply your favourite facial oil or lotion to allow the stone to glide across your face without tugging.

Begin working the stone from the center of your face by applying light pressure and gliding the stone outward in an upward direction. 3-5 motions are all you need in each area however, for your forehead you can do twice as many.

Information on each edge

Smooth Edge: Our smooth edge has been designed to lightly glide across all aspects of your face. Simply apply light pressure to the targeted area to increase circulation and reduce puffiness.

Large Waved Edge: Our large waved edge helps you work and sculpt larger areas of your face. This wave is sculpted perfectly for your jawline, neck, or cheekbones and helps define your features by reducing puffiness.

Small Waved Edge: Our small waved edge helps you work and sculpt tighter areas of your face like your eyebrows, nose, or cheekbones.

Ribbed Edge: Our ribbed edge penetrates lightly into your tissues and muscles to target fine lines and wrinkles by improving flow and circulation. This edge is great for laugh lines, mouth lines, forehead lines, and in between your brows. 

Care & Maintenance:
After every use, clean your bian stone with a gentle soap or body wash and place it in the tobin bag for safekeeping.

Remember your stone is fragile. It will break with pressure or impact and scratch if not stored correctly. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur.

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Care Instructions

Hand wash and hang to dry

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